The 4 Most Typical New Year’s Resolutions

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Aside from this being the season to be jolly it is also the perfect time to renovate ourselves. With a new year come new beginnings and new opportunities of becoming a better person changing all those little bad habits, , making them positive  and turning them into part of our regular routine.

Each year we commit to the usual New Year’s resolutions, but do we actually made them part of our daily life? 

Unfortunately we tend to follow some for a few months, then forgetting while promising to get back on track next year. Well the time has come to catch up on those forgotten 2017 resolutions to add them to our 2019 list. These are the most common New Year’s resolutions:

Working out:

Because you want so badly to perfectly fit into your Quinceanera dress! Exercising is extremely important, especially at this age this more you take care of your body while young the less you will suffer once you grow old. If you are not very active, don’t overdo it at the first try. Working out does not mean exercising for two hours every day. Start by walking for at least 30 minutes at least three times a week and built up from there as you continually gain some condition. When you least expected you will actually enjoy working out and it will naturally become part of your routine.

Eating healthier:

Sure, cheeseburgers, chips and ice cream are delish! But they are not exactly your tummy’s best friend. Eat healthier one day at a time by adding at least one portion of fruits and vegetables per day. Choose your favorite to make it enjoyable. Our favorites include: apple slices, cucumber and radishes with lime, carrots and humus, banana/peach salad and broccoli salad.

Improving your grades:

A student is that who studies each day. Don’t wait until you have an exam to revise your notes, by that day you might have forgotten your teacher’s explanation. Instead, go over your lectures once you get home for at least one hour this will prepare you in advance and the day before your test you will have enough time to comprehend all the content.

Saving up for your quince:

Saving money becomes harder when unemployed but there are still ways to feed that chubby piggy bank of yours! Whenever your parents give you money, spend only what you need and try to save at least half. Babysitting and tutoring are usual money making gigs for teens that come in handy, especially for party planning purposes.

Take baby steps with your new year’s resolutions and we guarantee you will succeed on all of them this 2019.


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