The Official “Get Over Your Ex” Breakup Guide

Quince Madrina

Although at 15 only a few girls are allowed to date, some do without telling their parents, which is why they fear telling them why they’re sad once the breakup happens.

Whether it is a previous relationship or a crush you’re trying to get over, here’s is your how to breakup guide: 

1) Look for distractions Keep yourself busy, that way you won’t have to mope around staring at your phone hoping for a text or a call. Go to school, do your homework, watch chick flicks and breakup movies, hang out with friends, go to the gym, make plans…

2) Hang out with your family Chances are, you spent little time with your fam bam during the length of your relationship with this person. Take this breakup as an opportunity to rekindle your friendship with your primas, your siblings and your parents.

 3) Spend some time alone The worst thing you can do after a breakup is to begin a new relationship. Take the time to get to know yourself, see what you like, discover new hobbies, enjoy your solitude and prepare your heart for any future romanticism.

4) Plan a movie night with your favorite gals What a better excuse to have fun with your chicas than with a pajama party? Open up your heart, vent it out and you’ll get by with a little help from your friends!

5) Eat lots of sweets Your heart is broken, binging on candy and ice cream is a given. Without putting your health at risk, comfort food can be of great help to cure your sadness.

6) Cry Tears do not make you weak, in order for your heart to heal you must release the pain away. Trust us, after crying a river you will feel like a brand new and at-peace person.

7) Recover It could take days before you feel complete (not broken) again, but the crying, the company and the “getting to know yourself”  will bring you back up and will heal your heart for its next adventure.


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