do you have the eye of the tiger quince motivation
do you have the eye of the tiger quince motivation

Do you have “the Eye of the Tiger?”

Elizabeth de la Torre
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Stop and think about what drives you…

A city’s foundation and character is built on its successes and failures, much like a person’s character. Success itself is built on passions, dreams, and heartache. That is when all the imperfections become perfectly beautiful.

As a testament to the rest of the United States and even to the world, the city of Los Angeles has always been a landmark melting pot where people of different ethnicities, countries, belief systems, musical styles, and passions have been able to come together to achieve their dreams.

Although it has become known as a place of opportunities, culture, and new experiences, Los Angeles has not always been a clean-slate city. Through time, history, struggles, and new beginnings Los Angeles has now become the strong city that it is today.

Built on experience, Los Angeles is a firm example of how failures or obstacles in life are never enough to bring down the possibility of success. All it takes is a little passion to strive ahead of obstacles towards dreams. That’s what drives people forward and builds character.

This quality of overcoming obstacles and fighting for dreams and passions is what is beautiful and it‘s what you should strive for in yourself. Just like how Los Angles has come through its past, so can you and finding passion in life will help motivate you.

Be passionate in your character and from there life will always seem beautiful amidst all its imperfections.

Life isn’t always easy. That’s predictable.

People aren’t perfect. That’s predictable.

But it’s what’s unpredictable in life that is beautiful…

The fact that every day you are faced with new opportunities, new people, and have the chance to change something about yourself that is what makes things beautiful.

There are some things that cannot be changed in life that are hard, unfair, and sometimes even discouraging.

But for the things that you can change in life, that is where passion, inspiration, and success come in if you are willing to look for them. These are things we can change about ourselves- we can aim to be more organized, driven, passionate, forgiving, and positive.

When we are able to accept the things we cannot change and instead work hard for the things we can change, that is when our perspective of life becomes hopeful and positive about the future.

That is when we can see the beauty in rising from every failure, overcoming obstacles, and fighting for our dreams. Passion builds up to drive us further in life.

Elizabeth de la Torre

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