10 Secret Menus Revealed From Your Favorite Restaurants

Jazmin Alvarez

What’s more exciting than ordering a regular cheeseburger at In-N-Out? Their animal style burger or their ultimate animal style fries! Has your mouth begun to water yet?


We’re about to reveal the secret menus to some of the most popular food chains! You won’t be going back to their regular menu items once you try these irresistible options.

Jamba Juice

Andres Surprise

Surprise yourself with a delicious tropical smoothie on your next Jamba Juice visit! This drink is loaded with Vitamin C and is bound to become your next favorite.

9 oz. Orange Juice
1 oz. Raspberry Juice
2 Scoops of Orange Sherbet
1 Scoop of Pineapple Sherbet
1 Scoop of Mangoes
1 Scoop of Peaches


White Gummy Bear

Wish you could blend gummy bears into your smoothie? Now you can at Jamba Juice! Order their popular white gummy bear smoothie and you won’t be disappointed.

6 oz. Peach Juice
4 oz. Soy Milk
1 Scoop Lime Sherbet
1 Scoop Raspberry Sherbet
1 Scoop Pineapple Sherbet
1 Scoop Orange Sherbet
1 Scoop of Strawberries



Animal Style Burger

Give your burger a major upgrade when you order an animal style burger. You’ll get a burger loaded with extra spread, pickles, grilled onions, and mustard fried burger patties, which personally make the difference.


Ultimate Animal Style Fries

You’ve probably heard about the not-so-secret animal style fries, right? Well the ULTIMATE animal style fries have the same ingredients as the regular animal style fries but with a chopped beef burger patty. Oh yes, mouth-watering goodness!

Secret Menus

Pup Patty

If you bring your four-legged friend along on your next In-N-Out visit, make sure to order a pup patty so he or she doesn’t just stare at you enjoying your feast.



Nutella Frappuccino

Are you a big fan of Nutella? Then you must try the Starbucks Nutella Frappuccino! You may have to tell your barista how to make it since it was taken off the secret menu at one point but some might remember. Ask for a caffe misto with a pump of chocolate syrup, pump of hazelnut syrup, and caramel drizzle. It’s like having dessert in a cup!


The Pink Drink

The pink drink not only looks amazing but the taste does not disappoint! The pink drink consists of the Strawberry Acai Refresher with coconut milk and fresh strawberries.

Secret Menus

Churro Frapp

Ordering the churro frapp at Starbucks is a delicious way to treat yourself but it’s not a well-known option, at least not yet. Here’s the recipe in case your barista stares at you with confusion:

Creme Frapp base

1 Pump White Mocha

1 Pump Cinnamon Dolce Syrup

Top it off with whipped cream, caramel ribbon crunch topping, cinnamon dolce sprinkles, and caramel drizzle.


Captain Crunch Berry Frappuccino

The captain crunch berry frappuccino is secretly one of the tastiest Starbucks drinks. What exactly is in this delicious drink? Strawberries & creme frappuccino, pump of caramel syrup, pump of hazelnut syrup, pump of toffee syrup, and java chips. Thirsty for more Starbucks secret menu items? CLICK HERE to find more!




Craving some loaded nachos? Look no further than at your local Chipotle! It’s like ordering a regular bowl but with their famous lemon flavored chips instead of rice. Treat yourself to this delicacy or share it with a friend.



The quesadilla from Chipotle is the most popular secret menu item. But it’s not just any quesadilla – it’s loaded with your favorite toppings. Instead of struggling to eat a gigantic burrito, make sure you try their quesadillas!

Secret Menus


Buffalo Chicken Sandwich

We all know the buffalo sauce is so irresistible that it’s used to marinate just about anything from chicken wings to burgers. Speaking of burgers, did you know that you could order the buffalo chicken sandwich at Chick-fil-A? It’s the perfect item if you want to add extra flavor to your burger.


Fried Chicken Club

The charbroiled chicken club never disappoints. But it’s time to mix things up! Instead, order the fried chicken club for added crispiness, which will take your burger to the next level.


Chicken Quesadilla

Rumor has it that the chicken quesadilla at Chick-fil-A is one of the best ever. It’s charbroiled chicken with melted cheese on a large flour tortilla. It’s more common in the Southwest so they may not have it at your local Chick-fil-A, bummer!


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