Social Media: Because sharing is not always caring

Grecia Hernandez

The internet has a reckless effect on its users. Things we would not dare to say face to face we now feel comfortable posting online. Imagine calling your friends to tell them what you had for lunch, what you’re doing and how you feel. Picture yourself telling a random stranger the school you attend and where you live. How about placing a billboard on the freeway featuring your most liked selfie or sharing your latest online rant? Now picture doing this every hour!

That’s basically what happens on social media, knowingly or not, you share your information with those who follow and perhaps even with those who don’t.

Be careful of what you share online and stay away from these social media DON’TS

  • Having the whole world as followers

Set your social media accounts as private & add only friends you personally know.

  • Taking way too many selfies

Studies show that people who constantly post selfies may be less liked and are perceived as self-absorbed.

  • Exposing your dirty laundry

Leave the drama offline! Need to vent? Pour those dear diary thoughts to your closest friends and family.

  • Venting

Have a movie complaint? Valid! Dissing your calculus teacher online? Terrible decision!

  • Posting 24/7

Embrace life offline. Next thing you know grandma will send you snapchat only to get your attention.

When it comes to the online world, privacy is your best policy. Keep the above to a minimum; years from now you’ll be glad you changed those settings on your accounts. If not, be prepared for your teacher to see what you did when you were supposed to be studying. #YeahRight #NotStudying

Grecia Hernandez

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