How to Survive Shopping for a Bathing Suit

Elizabeth de la Torre
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Shop for your bathing suit with confidence using these handy tips!

Time for real talk girls – it’s as Lana del Rey said, “summa’ summa’ summertime” and here’s tips on how to avoid the ‘summertime sadness’ of shopping for a bathing suit.

With the warm sand against your feet, the smell and sound of the crashing waves, and all the other great reasons, beaches are stellar places to hang out in the summer.

The weather is warm enough for you to lay down and grab a nice tan, so don’t let the anxiety of swimsuit shopping get in the way. You’ll look great in whatever suit you rock.

Use our tips on how to survive shopping for a bathing suit to avoid the stress of shopping!

1. Accept the spandex

Give up the fight with the “wedgies” from this glorified underwear made out of spandex, which we like to call bathing suits. Everyone goes through this and simply reaching over to undo the damage is normal! Accept it and when you go shopping for your bathing suit make sure to get a size that fits comfortably as possible.

2. Get ready to laugh, later

Don’t let your bottom get loose by a wave, a string come undone playing marco-polo, or your top sag down. These simple catastrophes we can only avoid at an extent. One tip we have is to test the bathing suit when you try it on-jump in it, do some jumping jacks, sit down and stand up, and twist in as many directions you can to see if it will fail you. Accept the possibility, plan for disaster, and remember that later, much later, you and your BFF will be able to giggle about any bathing suit disaster late-night on Facebook.

5. Spare us

Abide by the bathing suit shopping code, locate the thin lifeline between you and the bathing suit bottom, the “protective hygiene strip,” and respect it. Try these bottoms while wearing underwear, clean ones preferably!

6. Accessorize

Don’t forget to accessorize. Many tops can be also worn when walking at the beach or pool such as vests, towels, kimonos, skirts, and etc. These simple additions to your wardrobe will give you that much more confidence to get out there in your new bathing suit, so definitely shop for these too!

7. Plan ahead

Before you shop for a bathing suit for all your summer lovin’ days, shower, shave, exfoliate, and tan. Ridding your skin of dry cells will diminish the appearance of cellulite and other imperfections. Take walks to get a natural tan to help you get started.

Hope these tips on how to survive shopping for a bathing suit helped to boost your confidence.

Now, go out there and feel glorious in your spandex!


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