The 10 Most Terrific Halloween Costumes to Try with Friends

Grecia Hernandez

Attending a Halloween Costumes Party and still not sure how to wow everybody?

Problem solved! What’s better than a cool Halloween costume? Dressing up in pairs!

May this Halloween be the one you and your best friend try one of these together:

10) Patrick & Sponge Bob Square-pants

An easy-peasy DIY Halloween costume!

9) Woody & Buzz Lightyear

Take your trick-o-treatin’ to infinity and beyond!

8) Anna & Elsa from Frozen

May these costumes lead an open door to lots of Halloween candy!

7) Tweedledee & Tweedledum

Perfect if you’re an Alice in Wonderland fan!

6) Dionne & Cher from Clueless

If you have yet to watch the iconic fashion teen chick flick get on it ASAP and see what these two BFF are all about!

Uh as if! #clueless #dionneandcher

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5) Mean Girls

Be ready to spend the whole party listening to this movie fabulous quotes!

On Halloween we wear pink #meangirlshalloween

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Beware of The Plastics 🐱🐰🐭 #MeanGirls

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4) Two Broke Girls


3) Jane & Daria from Daria

Before Katy Perry’s Candyland costume, she did a  super cool Daria personification!

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I didn't even like kids when I was a kid.

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2) Napoleon & Pedro from Napoleon Dynamite

Cause seriously. #drank #napoleonandpedro

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1) Rugrats Halloween

Tommy Pickels, Chukie and the lovely twins Phill and Lily, you pick!

No one has done it yet but we’re sure the fashionista super model and the popular trendsetter will be the most popular celebrity costumes this Halloween!

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