15 Ever-Trending Halloween Costumes for Quinceañeras

Krisstal Martinez

Deciding on what to wear on Halloween is never easy! Looking for that special Halloween costume that leaves everyone in awed thinking: why didn’t I come up with that?

Avoid the repeated Belle and IT costumes and consider these trending Halloween costumes!

15) Wonder Woman

14) Suicide Squad: Harley Quinn

13) The Little Mermaid: Ariel

12) Selena


11) Alice in Wonderland

10) Clown


9) Nightmare Before Christmas’ Sally 

8) Bride of Frankenstein

7) Scott Pilgrim Versus the World’s Ramona Flowers

6) Frozen: Elsa

5) Pokemon Go Trainer

4) Spooky Witch

3) Freddy Krueger


1) Scary Muñeca

Whoever you choose to be, make you’re having a safe and fun night! App

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