Your Very Own Ugly Christmas Sweater

Grecia Hernandez

The Ugly Christmas Sweater fad is noticeably increasing each year!

Such is the hype for these dreaded holiday piece, that not only the usual retail stores have them on display for purchase, but specialty kiosks and online stores offered them as well. Even websites have made up their fortune just on the sales of this magnificent item.

Were you invited to an Ugly Christmas Sweater party or are you hosting your own?

This continuously growing trend has even overshadowed the always-popular Christmas posadas. These past years  the most popular holiday gatherings have been Ugly Christmas Sweater parties. The craze can be found on various social media sites, especially on Pinterest where you’ll find DIY projects to make your very own.

As much as we love grandma we know she doesn’t have the best taste when it comes to fashion. However, you’ll finally be able to proudly sport her gift at your friends’ parties without spending a dime or your time. Just keep in mind that some of your friends might have also received an ugly Christmas sweater as a holiday present. 

But what if you were not so lucky this holiday season and did not receive an ugly Christmas sweater?

Well, we’re here to help you get your craft on quince girl and decorate your very own ugly Christmas sweater! All you need is a plain red or white cotton or fleece sweater.

If you’re on a tight budget, due to quince party planning, use your current Christmas decorations such as left over garlands and lights and assemble a mini tree on your sweater.

Let it be known that the 99 Cents store is your best friend when it comes to Christmas arts & crafts! Go to the nearest location and look for add-ons for your sweater. Place them with hooks or safety pins. Mobile App

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