Volunteer at Your Local 4th of July Firework Show

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This 4th of July holiday, spend time volunteering at your local parks.


Volunteering this 4th of July holiday is a way to give back to your community and keep you busy this summer. Volunteer with your friends and help prepare for your city’s firework show. This is a chance to spend time with friends and watch the fireworks special. 

Why is volunteering good?

During summer vacation many of us can find it boring because there is nothing to do. We’re so used to doing the same thing all summer it’s rare to go outside. Volunteering keeps students’ minds busy and productive for the summer. Volunteering this upcoming holiday will be helpful for students’ mental health and will erase that feeling of being unproductive. 

What can you expect when volunteering?

Every 4th of July every city puts on a firework show that all families and members of the community are welcome to go to. The city is always taking volunteers to help them put on this event. Students will prepare booths, set up chairs and the stage, and maybe even work at a booth selling items. You will get to see many families reunite and enjoy the show! Afterward, it will be time to break down and put everything away.

How you can incorporate your friends and family: 

Volunteering isn’t always fun, especially when you don’t have the right people around you to help. Invite your friends to volunteer so you all can spend time together and create amazing memories after not seeing each other since summer began. After volunteering, you can all set up a picnic and watch the fireworks. Make sure to also invite your family to come and watch the show. The annual city firework shows are always fun to see on the 4th of July and on this year’s 4th of July show, you will gain a sense of pride knowing that you helped make this magical night happen


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