Ways to Celebrate Women’s History Month 

Yoana Estrada

Women’s History Month is celebrated every year throughout the United States.

During this time we honor the contributions and sacrifices that women have faced. Want to join the celebration but not sure how? Here are easy ways to celebrate Women’s History Month this March.

Learn more about the history of women’s rights

Learn more by checking out books at your local library or by conducting a quick Google search. 


Shop at women-owned and operated businesses 

It’s always good to support small businesses. Consider shopping at the women-owned business for March.  


Find out about the issues that women still face today

Women’s rights have come a long way. Although, this doesn’t mean that we are treated as equals to men in the workplace. There is still a pay gap between the two genders.


Write your future self a love note

You may still be a tween but you’re quickly growing into a young woman. Why not write your future self a love note. This can be as simple as writing down 5 things that you love about yourself.


Support women authors and artist

Get in tune with your artistic side and get to know the fabulous women in the arts. Check out authors and artists like Frida Khalo, Jenny Han, and JK Rowling.


Write a thank-you note to women that inspire you

Take the time to thank the strong women in your life. This could be your mom, teacher, sister, or even your neighbor. 

Mentor a younger girl

Consider taking a younger girl under your wing as a mentor. You can help them with their homework or even give them advice when they need it.

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