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Planning your XV can be overwhelming and to show you you’re not the only one thinking Quinceañera 24/7, we have compiled the most common questions asked by our friends on our social media accounts: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Quinceanera.com Follow this advice and make your party a memorable experience.

How can I organize a simple Quinceañera? (Quinceanera.com reader)
Simple does not mean less elegant. The only thing you have to do is minimize certain expenses such as hiring a DJ instead of a live band, choosing a less elaborate decorations, or instead of a limousine asking a relative to drive you to the party. You can even rent a Quince dress instead of buying one.

How can I choose the ideal shoes for the party? (Twitter fan)
The style depends on what you’ll wear; just keep in mind that whatever you wear should be comfortable. As far as color, silver or gold sandals with embellishments are two of the current trends.

Do I have to send an invitation to the parents of my damas and chambelanes to the party? What is the appropriate way of telling them about the wardrobe expenses they must cover? (Instagram fan)
Since there are several topics to discuss when choosing your Quince court, an invitation is not the most convenient way to do it. The best way to do this is by speaking with everyone’s parent in person. Your parents should explain to them the cost and the commitment this implies.

I will begin planning my XV soon and I need decoration ideas for a butterfly theme party, any advice? (Facebook fan)
Butterfly theme parties are definitely on trend; you can add these to your cake, bouquet, and even surprise your guests releasing real butterflies at your party.



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