What Type Of Quinceanera Are YOU?

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Diva? Traditional? Fairytale princess? Each Quinceanera has her own personal style. Take this quiz to find out which type of Quince girl you’re most like, and then surf our site  to snag a few ideas for planning your perfect Quince fiesta according to your type of personality.


1.) Your Quinceañera dress will be _____
a.)    a glitzy design with embellishments, sequence, and Swarovski crystals to last a lifetime!
b.)    a family heirloom gown that you will pass on to future Quinceañeras in your family
c.)    a princess cut dress worthy of a fairytale ball


2.) On your Quince, your hair will be adorned with _____
a.)    feathered pieces or chunky necklaces pinned as a tiara
b.)    a crown with the number “15” or “XV” in the center
c.)    a thin tiara that will not take too much attention from the dress


3.) What style of cake will you choose?
a.)    a topsy-turvy, decadent treat with enough layers to feed your guests three rounds
b.)    a three-tiered cake with a fountain and castle, and with a Quince doll as a cake topper
c.)    a round, white fondant cake with white icing embellishments


4.) Your party will welcome _____
a.)    most of your high school class, your family and friends, along with people from their social groups as well
b.)    only your family and closest friends
c.)    family and friends, along with a few people from around the neighborhood.


5.) Your ideal celebrity chambelan is
a)    Pitbull
b)    Prince Royce
c)    William Levy


6.) Your Quinceañera theme is inspired by _____
a)    Kim Kardashian’s wedding
b)    your mom’s Quince fiesta
c)    your favorite fairy tale story


7.) The song for your surprise dance will be _____
a)    a mix of Nicki Minaj, Jennifer Lopez and Don Omar
b)    the theme to the soap opera “Quinceañera” or Chayanne’s “Tiempo de Vals”
c)    Prince Royce’s “Las Cosas Pequeñas”


8.) Years after your Quince, your guests will remember your party as being _____
a)    epic
b)    emotional
c)    romantic


If you answered:

Mostly A’s: you’re on top of the latest celebrity news and have an eye for all things that shine. Take that “diamonds are a girl’s best friend” attitude to accent your Quince by adding rhinestones to your Quince bouquet, shoes, dress, as well as in your invitations, centerpieces and party favors. At your party, your guests will feel like they entered a Hollywood A-lister party!

Mostly B’s: you’re a Quince girl that holds traditions dear to heart. To allow this unique personality trait to shine on your Quince, include all the elements of a traditional Quinceañera into your celebration. This includes the religious ceremony, padrinos, a crown, rosary, last slippers and doll, and, of course, the classic white dress.

Mostly C’s: you’re a Quinceañera that dreams of being swept away by a stunning Prince Charming. Incorporate that dreamy approach to life into your fiesta by choosing lush colors such as a soft pink, yellow, blue, or lilac for your color scheme. Also, hire lighting professionals to create an ethereal ambience to your reception.



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