5 Ways to Prep Your Pet for Your Quinceañera

Alicia Monsalve

You may have been so busy planning your party that you may have been taking for granted that special someone that is always by your side and that has the uncanny ability to brighten your yuckiest days by greeting you with a “woof” and wagging tail. If you plead guilty to one count of being too busy to give your pet some TLC, then perhaps including him in your Quinceañera court will make it up to your little sidekick. From grooming to fashion, take note of the following tips to make your best friend a part of your special celebration.

Throw a dog a bone!

If your party planning has forced you to put your pet’s needs aside, take a minute to realize that he is a living thing that needs your care and attention. A modern princess never forgets her best friend so take this time to take matters into your own hands by spending quality time with your pet.

Grooming perfection
Take your dog to a pet groomer one day prior to your Quinceañera celebration. If you can’t afford this, then a luxurious bath at home for him/her will do. You can also file his nails so he won’t ruin your dress when he greets you. Don’t forget to apply a fur softener to make his fur soft, a sweet perfume or even pink nail polish.

pet, dog, quince pet, quince dog, pet pillo, dog pillowPlaying dress-up
If you want your dog to make a stellar appearance in your Quinceañera, he must wear the appropriate attire.  If your best friend is not outfit-friendly, then you can have him wear cute shoes, which will also prevent him from scratching your guests. Also, don’t forget the cute and fluffy pet pillow, so your majesty can rest while you’re dancing away.

Treat him as a guest
Whether or not you decide to include your dog in your Quinceañera, you need to take a few precautions. Make sure that someone will take care of him when you’re not around. And if you plan on partying late, ask someone to take him home early. Remember that loud noises can scare him. Bring enough water, food, snacks, and toys to keep him happy and entertained.

Posing for keepsakes
Your dog may not be able to be with you during the entire Quinceañera celebration since the loud music can scare him or he can be the one scaring your annoying Aunt Maria. However, this doesn’t mean that you should leave him out of the picture, so to speak. Before the night is over, take a few fun pictures with your dog wearing a pink skirt, a sparkly collar or even a tiara. They will definitely be the highlight of your photo album.


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