5 fun ideas for your Quinceanera photos

Jose Francisco Sanchez

Have you ever heard “A picture is worth a thousand words”? Well take this into consideration for such a memorable event like your Quinceanera. Dare to be different and say bye-bye to the typical boring Quinceanera photos shoots. Meet with your photographer beforehand and suggest these five ideas; you will make history.

1. Your picture everywhere! Instead of flowers or candles, place decorated cubes with pictures of you as cen-terpieces. You need to do this in advance. Hand pictures of you at different stages of your life to the photog-rapher. With enough time and creativity you can turn this into a DIY project.

2. Charming City. Most Quinceanera pictures use a garden or a fountain as a background. Think out of the box and go for scenic place in your city such as museums, modern buildings, common streets and even brick walls. A talented photographer can make almost any background work for you.

3. Say Bye-Bye to formality. Ask your photographer you keep an eye on you at all times to capture those candid special moments such as you coming out of church or taking a deep breath after the ceremony. If the photo shoot takes place at a country club or at a park, ask him to capture the entrance with your court. Most of the times these candid and “not official” moments turn out to be the best ones.

4. Go Big! An excellent idea is to show picture at the wall of the venue with the help of a computer. Your guests can enjoy looking at these pictures while having dinner. It is also a great idea for those who could not make it to the ceremony to view what went on then.

5. Just like a magazine. Don’t settle for the typical photo album, nowadays photographers print on magazine paper just like a fashion spread. Add a leather cover and your album will look great.

Times have changed. With the use of technology, a bit of humor and creativity, you can capture your memories in amazing Quince photos.



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