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Awkward Quinceanera Moments and How to Handle Them Like a Boss

Jazmin Alvarez

Even though you’ve been planning your quinceanera for years, something is bound to go wrong. It can be as major as your dress not fitting and as minor as a cell phone going off during your toast.

But there’s no reason to panic!

The following are the most awkward quinceanera moments and how to deal with them gracefully.

The emcee mispronounces your name

This can happen especially if your name has multiple ways to pronounce. Make sure your name is included (with pronunciation) in the timeline sent to your emcee before the party. If he or she calls you by the wrong name, quickly and clearly correct them the first time you hear it or else you’ll be called by that name the entire night.

Someone who’s not on the guest list arrives

It’s one of the most common situations at any quinceanera. Your aunt might feel the need to bring her comadre, your friend her mother and siblings, or your cousin her entourage of friends. Unfortunately, some people just don’t get the importance of RSVP’ing. Take a deep breath and avoid making a scene. Tell your event planner to accommodate those additional guests the best way possible.

A cell phone rings during your thanksgiving mass or toast

Picture this: You’re delivering a heartfelt toast that you’ve been practicing for weeks and suddenly the loudest cell phone goes off and you instantly blank out. Totally not ideal! Typically, churches have signage asking guests to turn off their cell phone. If not, make a polite announcement at the beginning of the mass or right before your toast asking guests to silence or turn off their cell phones.

The DJ plays the wrong song for your surprise dance or waltz

Quinceanera Moments

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You’re about to perform your surprise dance or waltz in front of your guests, your heart is racing, your court is in position to start, and the wrong song plays – bummer! Give the playlist to one of your family members so in case this happens, they can let the DJ know as soon as possible. Or worst case scenario, wing it.

Your guests get drunk & crazy

 With an open bar, some of your guests will think it’s okay to get drunk and get out of control on the dance floor. Politely ask them to control themselves or pull them apart and distract them with the candy buffet or photo booth. Make sure they’re not drinking and driving.

Remember, your quinceanera is the celebration of the century so don’t let anything get in the way of you enjoying your party.

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