Bad and Boujee Photoshoot Ideas

By salmam

These are three bad and boujee photoshoot ideas that every Quinceanera has to have for her quince pictures. Further, these photoshoots fit the material girls aesthetic. Also, these photoshoot ideas show off all things designer and that you are the center of attention at your Quince. 

Designer bag photoshoot


This is a fun but sassy photoshoot where you can bring out all the designer brands and luxuries. Strike a pose and channel your bad and boujee personality. This photoshoot is all about being a material growl and posing like no one is watching. 



Car photoshoot

Still on brand, a photoshoot with the quinceanera and a car makes a bad and boujee statement. To enhance this shoot, a sports car will bring that high-class element to your shoot. Pose as if it’s your own car, giving us the feel that you are untouchable. 


Center of attention photoshoot

Be the center of attention at the photoshoot to show that you are the one and only. Also, this is a fun way to include your friends into your quince as you can have your friends fangirling over you. The center of attention photoshoot idea will help your bad and boujee theme. Let everyone know that this is your party. 

Colored smoker photoshoot 

The bad and boujee aesthetic includes the quinceanera being highlighted. Colored smokers with a dark aesthetic will help bring the quinceanera into the spotlight. Also, Colored smokers in the background will state that the quinceanera is the ultimate material girl. 

Exotic Private Island Photoshoot

What is more boujee than excotic? There really isn’t any other answer. This private island photoshoot featuring swans, flower crowns, and a boat is something that every boujee quinceanera needs on her day. This shoot looks like something that no other girl has and that is what makes this shoot so unique. 

For these photoshoots, surround yourself with designer brands, cameras, and cars. Stay on that bad and boujee theme all throughout your poses and faces. Being a material girl means that you are confident and untouchable- these ideas are something that you should think about when you’re thinking about a boujee quinceanera.

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