Become a Plant Mom For Your Quince

By salmam

To all the young plant lovers out there, here are ways to incorporate all things plants at your quinceanera!


Plant Centerpieces

Having plants as centerpieces, is a clean and simple look that modernizes your party. These centerpieces can include Sunflower table decorations or Palm trees at the candy tables. 




Plant Invitations

Plants will give your invitations a sense of nature. Also, they will give your guests a glimpse of what is going to show a glimpse of what your party is going to be about- a flower wonderland.



Note: You can use real dried invitations or printed flower templates.


Party Favors

These party favors are a great idea for your guests because it is a gift that lasts for more than a day. Afterwards, your guests will enjoy growing a plant of their own! Now, every guest has a token of your quince day in their home. 


Note: Ceramic flowers 


Here are some ideas on how to incorporate plants into your party room. These looks are not only simple, but trendy. 


Hanging Vines 


Plant Arch

For the Quinceanrea 

Today, you are a flower princess- you can even call yourself a ‘plant mom’. These ideas are too especially to bring out the quinceanera and is her own touch to her quince as you can pick and choose which flowers to include for your party.


Floral cake


Plant bouquet 

Plants doesn’t only mean that you have to use them for your backyard garden, but you can also incorporate these beautiful species at your party.

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