Feathered Quince Invites

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Feathered quince invites

Feathers are great to turn boring invitations into extravagant and elegant, we tell you how to make them yourself! Some girls tend to go overboard when it comes to their invites décor and when feathers are added to the mix, these can easily fall into the bad taste category. As original you want to be when inviting family and friends you must always keep it classy.

We came up with a way of doing extravagant yet elegant feathered quince invites!

Choose the design that you most like and goes better with your quince theme. You must first decide on the design, the quantity, the colors or theme and if you will include a fun touch to the invites. Then think of how the feathers can be incorporated to your specific design. If your invitations are rolled up then consider adding the feather on the outside, glued to a ribbon around itself.

If your invites will go inside an envelope make sure to place these on the invite rather than the actual envelope and keep in mind they should be smaller than the envelope or they could get damaged.

Feathered quince invites

The size of the feather should be of at least 4” and no larger than 6”. Glued feathers are candy to the eye, place them right in the middle. If you’re planning on sealing your envelopes just like royalty, make sure to place the feathers as well.

Feathered quince invites are now considered a classic trend.

So stay in, get inspired and create something unique to surprise your guests. If you’re animal friendly try using domestic birds’ feathers such as Guinea, peacock, ornamental chickens or ostrich. Avoid regular hens’ feathers or ducks.

You can find these online or at any arts & crafts store. Do not cut the tip of the feathers as this can make them spongy and they might lose their charm.


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