Things to know when hiring a photographer and videographer

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Quinceanera phography We’ve grown accustomed to having padrinos de fotos  y  video (photo and video sponsors). But somewhere  along the line, somebody assumed that a professional  videographer was also a professional photographer.

Let me explain the difference: a professional  photographer focuses on capturing moments in still i  images, as opposed to a videographer, who works with  movement. Although both fields require knowledge in lighting, camera angles and object placement, it’s not fair to assume that a photographer can do the job of a videographer, or vice versa. Because your Quince will be one of the most memorable times of your life, it could be a risk to trust the word of a photographer who claims to be a professional videographer as well, or the other way around. To help with the important decision of choosing the perfect medium, here are some helpful hints that might ease some of your worries.

  1. Your Padrinos if you’re looking into possibly hiring a photographer and videogapher separately, let your padrinos know before they agree to sponsor that part of your event. Choosing a videographer from a different company than your photographer might be a bit more expensive but probably worth it. If your padrinos aren’t too thrilled about putting in more cash, come to an agreement: you might consider offering to pay the difference in cost, if it will be more expensive. After all, having a Quince is a luxury and your padrinos being willing to partially sponsor you is a very kind gesture.
  2. Shop around as with any other buy in your Quince planning, shopping around is key. Not only does it help in getting you the best deal possible, but you also get more ideas that might come in handy with the rest of your party planning. Let your potential photographer/videographer know that you’re comparing prices, this may lead them into giving you a much better deal.
  3. Compare Quality ask your potential photographer/videographer to let you see some of their most recent work. If they refuse, move on to the next one on your list. No professional photographer/videographer will ever refuse to show some work. Also, take notice of the image quality in both photos and video. Make sure that both jobs are shot in the most up-to-date format.

Red flag for Videos: Quince videos that are edited with images of Cinderella and Disney castles are very early 90’s. The more contemporary Quince videos are those that look like a real movie and are edited with a story line in mind. The videographer should arrive to your Quince with an idea of what the final video will look like and will opt to get the necessary shots, this is called pre-production. Share with him/her the style of video that you would like to have and come to an agreement before the day of your party.

Red flag for Photos: If your photographers’ portfolio has Quince pictures where the object was placed in either bad lighting or in an awkward location (like the common mistake of having a Quinceañera take her pictures over a patch of dry grass), this should be a red flag. If your photographer placed a Quinceañera on dry grass rather than on a field of bright greens, this photographer might have no idea what he’s doing.

Pay attention to every detail in both photos and video. The way a video is shot is just as important as the way it is edited. And whether you decide to purchase a package that includes both services, or if you decide to hire these service providers separately, make sure you choose a professional.


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