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Light Up Your Quince With a Festival Wonderland Theme

By salmam

If you want to light up your quince day, this quinceanera theme features electronic dance music, a light maze, many modern art sculptures, and poi dancers! 

Welcome your guests to a light-up world for your quinceanera theme. This Festival Wonderland theme will really bring your party to life because of its vibrant vibe. So, what is this ‘Festival Wonderland” theme? This theme is inspired by EDM festivals, otherwise known as electronic dance music. Minus the rage, here is how you can get your quinceanera into an electric wonderland: 

Decorations that Inspire your Wonderland theme

For this party, almost everything has to be lit up with neon lights. To achieve this look, LED lights would be perfect for tables, backgrounds, and chairs. For the centerpieces, anything neon will do- such as neon flowers! Along with neon, sparkle and glitters are your best friend to achieve this look.

Dress for your Festival Wonderland

Going along with the neon look, a light-up dress or a bright-colored one will not only fit this theme but will take your party to the next level. 


However, if you are wanting to go for a more classic look, an all glitter dress will do the trick.



For hair and makeup, it’s important to include some type of shimmer to fit the light portion of the quince. Now, to fit your vibrant theme, a pink or red lipstick will do the trick in achieving this festival look. 


Also, adding jewels to your eyelids and along your face will really amp your quince look. 



To pair with your makeup look, adding jewels as accessories will tie in your quince dress. For this specific theme, silver finishings will work better than gold ones will. 


Entertainment at your Festival Wonderland

This Festival Wonderland theme quince is all about entertainment. Bringing the psychedelic element, poi dances, as well as a fairy DJ, will do just the thing. Also, to bring your dance floor to the next level, include props, lightsabers, dancers, etc. What is most important about Festival Wonderland is that it provides electronic music that will have your guests dancing all night long! Another thing, entertainers dressed in the sequence is something that you would see at a festival, so bring that into your quince. 


This Festival Wonderland theme will channel electric vibes at your quince in an age appropriate way. Bring your friends as well as your dancing shoes because this theme will have you dancing to house music all night long. 

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