mint green and coral quinceañera theme
mint green and coral quinceañera theme

Mint Green and Coral Quinceañera Theme Ideas

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Be unique when choosing your quinceañera theme! You don’t have to follow complicated ideas for quinceañera themes. Below we have ideas for great color-specific quinceañera theme ideas to consider when planning for your quinceañera.

Whether you want a bold color theme at your quinceañera or a subtle, sophisticated look, mint green and coral themes would complement any quinceañera. Having a simple color themed quinceañera will allow flexibility to show of your personality and creativity. These ideas will keep your quinceañera simple, sophisticated, and clean!

Flaunters of a mint green or coral quinceañera theme would reveal an eclectic and creative sense of style, as well as a unique taste in art and décor. You can see this in our Pinterest album pins.

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Mint Green quinceañera theme ideas

  • For decoration ideas keep it simple! A mint green quince theme is meant to have a vintage sophisticated look. Too much clutter or colors will overwhelm your guests.
  • As far as sticking to a color scheme, make sure your decorations, dress, and nails are mint green or another compliment color. Not everything should be green because you need compliments. Great compliment colors would be pink or white.
  • Your dress should stick to either this mint green theme or be white. Lace dresses are recommended to keep a vintage look rather than an overdone party look.
  • Use pastel green flowers to adorn your quince tables where you should also have mint green thank you notes placed.
  • Accessorize graciously with a necklace and earrings. Avoid too many bracelets that would otherwise over complicate your mint green quince.

Coral quinceañera theme ideas

  • Decorate your quince party with pom-pom chandeliers, lanterns, and crepe paper creations.
  • Lace it up with lace table sets, lace banner decorations, and perhaps even a coral lace dress.
  • Flowers greatly compliment this look so gather many light orange and white flowers to put in vases adorning the tables at your quince. Underneath the vases use a lace cloth.
  • A pastel orange dress would do well with creating that classy original sense at your quince. The material should not be like a prom dress but instead go for that bohemian vintage look.
  • Make sure your accessories are pastel colors. No extravagant quince accessories are needed since a coral theme is meant to be simple and classy.
  • For your total quince color theme, you don’t just have to stick to one color. Compliment the coral theme with colors such as white, tan, or grey tones that look elegant against a coral pastel orange.


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