Tips For Planning an Autistic Quinceanera


Planning a quinceanera can be stressful. If your birthday girl has autism, here are a few ways to help cater to her unique needs on her special day.


Involve her in the planning process

Let her be involved as much or as little as she pleases! This way, she will know what to expect when the day comes.

Keep it short and sweet

Don’t feel pressured to have everything a traditional quinceanera has! A short and sweet quinceanera is better than having the birthday girl overstimulated. Let your guests know that it can be cut short at any moment.

Carefully plan out your guest list

Depending on what is best for your birthday girl, carefully decide who you want to invite. You can decide on a few family members or invite other special needs teens.

Have her favorite activities

If her favorite activities are at the party, she will be more likely to participate. Make sure to include sensory headphones and toys!

Have food you know she will enjoy

Does she like certain textures or tastes? Have options that you know she has enjoyed in the past. This doesn’t have to be a day to introduce new foods

Find a venue that fits her needs

Try hosting the quinceanera at a place she has been to already, so she doesn’t get sensory overload. A place that is not too loud or even outdoors might be best. This helps avoid loud noises or bright lights. Find an extra room or a quiet place at the venue. Remember, today is all about the birthday girl! As long as she is happy, the quinceanera will be a success

Bonus tip:Whenever we’re hosting a party we want to make sure autistic individuals also feel welcomed, so be sure to make accommodations for them, reach out to your family members and ask what YOU can do at the party for them, they are family! For example provide sensory-friendly food, and headphones, or just give them a heads up if there’s going to be a live banda!” –Lizbeth Guatemala


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