10 Tips For The Perfect Quinceañera Toast

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The stories about embarrassing moments in someone’s life and the speeches that seem to go on forever without end, are often remembered by guests- but not for good reasons.

To avoid this being the scenario in one of the most important events in your life, get on the same page with the other individuals joining you in the Quinceanera toast and follow these simple tips:

1. Be prepared. Decide who is toasting and in which order. Keep the toast giving open to only the most important people in the reception, such as your parents, padrinos, and you, of course.

2. Write your own speech. It’ s ok to get inspired by someone else’s writing, but a message from the heart will be more effective.

3. Keep it short and sweet. A three-minute time frame is just enough to deliver a clear, thoughtful message that won’t have your guests wondering “is it over yet?”.

4. Always classy. As funny as any embarrassing moments in your life may be within your circle of friends, you don’t want a room full of people knowing your personal business during your Quinceanera toast.

5. Say “Thank you!”. This is the time to show your appreciation to all the individuals involved in the planning of your Quince. After all, a Quinceañera is a privilege and you’re one lucky girl to have such a special event in your honor.

6. Practice. Days before the party, each of the speakers should practice what they will say. Feel free to revise their speech to avoid tip #4.

7. Fight your fear. Many people are scared of public speaking. Avoid a nervous breakdown mid-way your toast by finding three focal points in the room and switch your eyesight to each of them, one at a time. This will give the illusion of you speaking to the entire room.

8. Sip, don’t chug. Toasts are meant to be elegant. When it comes time to drinking your cider, sip it slowly. This is no time for a who-can-finish-faster contest.

9. Speak their language. If you are fluent in more than one language, say parts of your speech in all the languages you know. This will allow you to connect with all your guests, regardless of language.

10. Enjoy the moment. The toast will be over faster than you image. Take advantage of the room full of the people that love you and cherish the moment forever.

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