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5 Reasons Why Quinceanera Dolls are a Bit Creepy

Grecia Hernandez

“La Ultima Muneca” is one of the many Quinceanera traditions representing a girl’s transition into adulthood.

But as much as we would like to honor such tradition, let’s be honest!  Quinceanera dolls are a bit creepy, right?

Why is that?

5) Sometimes they look too real to be cute

Instead of reminding us of our sweet childhood it makes us almost glad we don’t have to play with them anymore!


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4) Yet their luscious locks are somewhat unreal #LongHairDontCare

Plus the typical Quinceanera dolls have super long, brown, curly hair, what about us short-straight hair chicas? #Represent

3) They have a dazzling death stare

As if they know all your moves and have actually been rolling their eyes at you each time you change your mind on your Quince Planning.


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2) Some remind you of Bride of Chucky

The detail to make these dolls resemble a human being is so creepy to the point they end up looking like horror movie characters.

1) Seems as if they could become human any moment!

Just to tell you she will never leave your side and you gals will be Best Friends Forever!

What’s your take on Quinceanera dolls? We want to know!

quiz_quinzillaYou can purchase the tulle dress worn by the American Girl Quinceanera doll from main picture at

You can purchase the Pink Glitz dress worn by the American Girl Quinceanera doll from main picture at

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