Adore your Quince Last Doll!

Eva Melgarejo

Part of the traditions of a Quinceanera is to get a last doll This is one of the many symbols of your coming of age.  At your Quinceanera you’ll switch from flat shoes to high heels, you’ll dance your first official dance in front of society as a woman and you will be gifted your last doll.  Since it’s your last doll we figured you would want to keep it forever and ever.  Of course you would want it to be absolutely gorgeous and why not even look like you!

Here are a few ideas on how to make your last doll as adorable as possible:

Your doll should wear the same Quince dress as you! Talk to a seamstress and have it made;)

quince doll

The dress of your last doll should have your name engraved and date of your Quince.

Last doll

Your doll should look as similar to you as possible, same color of hair, same eye color, you get the idea…

Last Quince Doll

Your doll should be 3’ tall so it can wear your Quince tiara. Thinking what I’m thinking? American Doll it is!


Last doll

Happy Planning!

Eva Melgarejo

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