Best Quince Father and Daughter Dances on YouTube

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Make your father and daughter dance represent everything about him you are thankful for.

As part of the Quinceanera tradition, the waltz is a must! Worried about your quince father and daughter dance being perfect? Who isn’t? Stop stressing over a dance that just really needs to be perfect in terms of your father and daughter relationship.

As long as you both are satisfied with the quince planning, the music, and are not on bad terms with each other then everything should be fine. Dancing with your father should be one the most special moments of your whole quince party. Not only is it tradition but, it is also symbolic of the quince girl’s first dance with her father as a young woman. Click here for more info on the significance of the father and daughter dance.

These YouTube famous father and daughter dance videos can help with ideas!

The Dance-Off

The songs you like may not be the same songs your dad likes. With that in mind this option is best to entertain your quince guests as you each have a showdown your conflicting music. Who dances best is the question that will remain in your guests’ head as you compete. Once you decide the ending of your father and daughter dance then this is a great opportunity to invite others to join in on the dance-off competition.

The Tag-Team

Share in the dance moves and dance in an untraditional but fun way! Who could be a better dance partner for you than your dad? Together choose your favorite songs from throughout your lifetime and share the spotlight for an up-beat father and daughter dance tag-team.

Simply Sweet

This video was just too emotionally sweet for us not to talk about! It’s simple and symbolic when the father replaces her flat shoes for heals as a song called “Cinderella” plays. The perfect picture of what a quince party is supposed be about is represented in this father and daughter dance.

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