Professional Chambelanes: The latest trend

Alicia Monsalve

If you think you’ve made a list of everything you need for your fifteen, maybe you missed one thing: now even the chambelanes are professional and may be an option to consider when planning your party.

“They are the latest trend in Mexico, my mom was just  a chambelan sponsor to her goddaughter. The family hired the guys and they are handsome and dance like professionals,” said Ana Lopez of Arlington Heights in Los Angeles. “She said she would sponsor the chambelanes, and I asked if she was paying the price of tuxedos and actually told me that she had paid the cost of having professional dancers as suitors for the dancing procession of the fifteen. On second thought, not a bad idea and it takes a lot of headaches, commitments and testing away from both parents and the teenager.”

In addition, the presence of these hired chambelanes is no secret, but part of the appeal
of the party, they may become one of the main attractions of the celebration, either during the dance or just accompanying you on your surprise dance. Other options that are popular in other regions are groups of batucada, capoeira, regaetton, break dance, salsa and folk dancing romantic, depending on the region or the customs and tastes of the quinceañera, celebrating the feast.

You may not have heard of it on this side of the line, but rest assured that if Mexico or elsewhere in Latin America it’s in, it will soon be here with all its fury. What is almost a rule on this side is to have a professional choreographer to help you organize the trials, planning the dance, reduce stress and nerves before the big occasion and may know some advise or know a chambelan for rent if need be.

If you eliminate the stress of getting chambelanes, or want to dazzle your guests with a “chambelan de honor” that is a complete chivarlous man at your fingertips, consider this option has no complication to get the money to afford .

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