Create Your Quinceanera Last Doll at Build-A-Bear Workshop

Jazmin Alvarez

Wish you could design your quinceanera last doll to add a touch of your personality and style? You can, at Build-A-Bear Workshop!

Your last doll should be something that brings wonderful memories from your quince, not something creepy and fragile that will end up being stored away to accumulate dust.

In case you haven’t paid a visit to Build-A-Bear Workshop, this is how it works:

First, select your stuffed animal (choose from 30 furry friends). Then, the outfit, accessories, sound, and even scent. Once they stuff it in front of you, it comes to life right before your eyes!

From Cinderella to Wonder Woman as your quinceanera last doll, turn your fantasy into reality at Build-A-Bear Workshop.

Here are some of the cutest ideas for your furry lifelong companion:


quinceanera last doll

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