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Hire Chambelanes For Your Waltz and Surprise Dance

Quince Madrina

If none of your friends or cousins know how to dance, hiring chambelanes could be the answer to your prayers! 

Chambelanes are usually the Quinceanera’s friends or family members, but when she has most of her family in other countries and when she only has a handful of friends to choose from, having chambelanes might be a difficult task.

Then, there’s also the possibility that the males in her life won’t want to fully participate in one of the most important parts of the reception: the surprise dance. Or that they do want to be part but don’t know how to dance!


Check out Diaz de Baile‘s teen dancers! They can dance to the rhythm of hip-hop, bachata, waltz, ranchera, you name it. Hiring their services takes away the stress of having to find chambelanes, teach them the choreography, and hoping they give a flawless performance.

Here they are at one of Quinceanera.com’s expos:


There are various ways that you can work with them:

  • Ask them to show you different choreographies from where you can choose. If you have a specific song in mind for your surprise dance,
  • Have them adjust one of their routines to that song or create a new dance all together. Also, remember that you’re dealing with professionals, so if you’re feeling that your dance steps need some help, they can teach you the moves as well.
  • Get the whole package!

Similar to the cost of a professional choreographer, hiring them can cost you a few hundred dollars. This, of course, also depends from group to group and on how much time they invest into your choreography and performance.

If there aren’t any chambelan groups for hire in your city, a great alternative is using the talent from a local dance studio or modeling school. These academies often have great dancers and models that are looking for opportunities, such as your Quinceañera, where they can showcase their skills.

Would you consider hiring chambelanes for your Quince?


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  • jennifer guillen

    I need 5 chambelanes for my 15 witch is 10 months away but i need them in Brentwood.

  • Lupe Gomez

    i need chabelanes for my 18th birthday

  • Aislym salas

    I need about 8 chambelanes quickly emergency anyone will be fine email me [email protected]

  • yamilex

    chambelanes needed email me for more information –> [email protected]

  • yamilex

    i need 3 chambelanes for may 21 2016 one to be my main chambelan and the other 2 to be with my other damas btw if best possible i want them to be tall and have a nice smile im about 5’5 but with heels im gonna be way taller please help me thank you

  • Andrea

    I need 5 chambelanes ASAP in ATLANTA GA!! Call me 678 651 0568

  • jessica

    my phone number is 408-685-6699 my birthday is gonna be on january but the practice would start before 🙂

  • jessica

    i need chambelanes for my XV on the area of san jose 🙂 please contact me text me my phone number is 408-685-6699 my birthday is gonna be on january but the practice would start before 🙂

  • rocio

    hi im having my 15 on june 13 and i live in cedar park tx please contact me as soon as possible

  • Nanci

    I’m having a sweet 16 around July 26th and I need chambelanes ! I live around the Austin Texas area ! Contact me by email : [email protected]

  • nadia m

    Hi I’m Nadia I live in Los Angeles ca and I need 3 chambelanes for my 15 on may 24th please help

  • Anjoli

    Hi I am turning 15 and I can’t find a chambelan as my escort for my quince who can dance and I recently moved so it’s even harder. I figured maybe I could hire one. Please I have tried everything. I need some help please. Thank you

    • Anjoli

      I am located in Calexico, ca

  • Veronica Conchas

    Hey im veronica and i need chambelanes and damas and contact me as soon as i can it is going to be in fort worh Tx in june so please contact me as soon as you can at [email protected]

  • Tonya

    Hi I’m having my sweet 16 in April of this year .. I need one guy to be my escort. I’m located in SA, Texas.
    Email is [email protected]

  • Stephanie Segovia

    Hey well I’m looking for 2 chambelanes and 1 more to be my main chambelan he has to be tall and cute. I ive in Richmond Virgnia if you could contact me please and thankyou. My quinceanera wil be on June 2015

  • Claudia

    Hey I’m looking for 8 chambelanes
    I live in jersey I need them for July 6 2016 for my 18th party well my sweet if interested please contact me at my email
    [email protected]

  • kay

    Hi my name is kay and i need a chambelán just one am going to have my quinceañera on sep.12.2015 so plz help me email me at [email protected]
    ,thank u

  • Adalinda Vasquez

    Hi my name is adalinda Vasquez and I need About 4 chambelanes with a Great sence of humor hmu! (:

    • Adalinda Vasquez
    • Kourtney

      I work for a youtube network that is making a show about Quinceaneras. We are looking for a girl in the LA area who would want to be the star of our first episode. We want someone who is having their party in the months of February and March with a fun personality! Email me, and I can send you more information if you are interested! Let me know!

      • Maria Sims

        Hello my daughter is having her Quince on December 05, 2015..we are located in Lancaster, CA not too far from LA. My daughter has a great personality and I think you guys would love her for ur show. We can be reached at 661-406-2622. Thank you.
        Maria Sims

  • Chelsea de la Cruz

    Hi, my name is Chelsea and I’m having a quince on Nov.21, 2015. I need one to be my lead guy and he has to be cute, and with a great smile , if u guys are willing to help me, I’ll be so greatful and glad. I hope u can help, thanks.

  • Celeste Carrillo

    Hi guys, i’m having my sweet 16 March 15, 2015 and really need guys to be able to be part of it . I’m from san jose, ca but anyone from sf, oakland, redwood city, etc would help out alot . Email me if intrested [email protected]

  • Kimberly

    Hello my name is Kimberly and if anyone is in need for any girl dancers we specialize in hip hop. We are located in CA and can help out in Choreography as well. Email me at [email protected]

  • Brisa

    Hi I’m looking for chambelanes. I live in Boerne, TX. It’s a little up north of San Antonio. My 15 will be in December 12, 2015. Please answer as soon as possible.

  • angelica

    Hi I’m just wondering what city and state do you guys help out and hire guys, is it only California? 🙁 I really need guys for my party !!!please let me know. Thanks

  • Ashley

    Hey i have a quince coming up in June 27,2015 i was wondering if you have six boys but they have to be tall and short

    • Grecia Hernandez

      Hi Ashley, the guy’s height does not matter. Certainly some Quinceaneras prefer their main chambelan to be as tall as her or a bit taller but the rest most likely won’t be dancing face to face with you therefore it is ok if they’re shorter than you.

  • Veronica Lagunas

    Hey I’m having my 15 March 28,2015 and I need like 5-6 guy for my 15 if you can please contact me or reply to let me know I live in Houston tx contact info : phone number 832-212-3815 ,

  • Jonathan Moreno

    Hey I was wondering if y’all where still hiring chambelanes I would really like to be part of any dancing group, and I can learn moves pretty fast

    • Jonathan Moreno

      Hey I was wondering if y’all where still hiring chambelanes I would really like to be part of any dancing group, and I can learn moves pretty fast

      Please contact me at [email protected] thank you

  • lupita

    Hi… I need chambelanes for my daughter’s 15 she don’t have enough frnds for this so pls helpme out I’m in San Antonio Tx

  • Dionisia

    Looking for 3. Chamberlanes for Aug 2014 in new jersey please forward any info. [email protected]. we have started practices so ASAP. Thank you. We are not far from nyc.

  • Celeste

    I’m looking for 1 chambelan for my quinceanera in March 2015. I’m having a hip pop dance and a waltz. Please reply as soon as possible.

    • Kourtney

      I work for a youtube network that is making a show about Quinceaneras. We are looking for a girl in the LA area who would want to be the star of our first episode. Email me, and I can send you more information if you are interested! Let me know!

  • skyler

    I was needing to know all the info on how much the guys are an hour and how much it will cost, if you can contact me at [email protected]

  • Kacey Medina

    Hi, I am looking for profetional dancers for my quinceanera in August 2014. I would appreciate the help. Please reply as soon as possible.

  • Jocelyn escogido

    Hey I need 6 Chambelanes for my surprise dance they need to be tall and cute !! I live in Georgia

  • Jocelyn escogido

    Hey I need 6 Chambelanes for my surprise dance they need to be tall and cute !!

  • karina

    hey I live in buckeye az and I need chambelanes fast my quince will be in april 26 2014. do you know where I could hire some? 🙂

  • Sammi

    My quince is on october the 4 2014 how much is it for 7 chambelanes plz write back ASAP

  • Maria Gloria Perez

    May 2015 ..Need 8 chambelanes…where can i find some i live in Danville ill 61832….Thank you

    • Jessica H

      Mine is on 08-2015. Does anybody know where i can hire chambelanes near Roanoke, Virginia?

  • vianney

    my name is vianney im having a 15 and i need 15 chambelanes as soon as possible thank you

  • Juan Saucedo

    If in need of chamblenas or chorographer in the Houston area, contact [email protected] also for a only secret surprise dance performance.

  • Jack

    Hey… We are currently available for any quinceanera party

    • Jack

      Hey….We are currently available for any sweet sixteen, eighteen or fifteen party. there are 3 of us in total and we are not expensive at all..You can contact me at the following gmail [email protected].

      • Nancy

        What city are you in?

      • Abigail Angeles

        Hello can you guys please email me @ [email protected] its a really big emergency thank you !!!!

    • Anjoli

      Hey do you guys still do quinces I really need a chambelan please contact me at [email protected]. Please I really need one of you guys

  • Jessica

    Hey Im Jessica I live In Okc & I Need 7 Chambelanes My 15 Is In June 14,2014 Can Someone Please Reply Please

  • ashley

    hello i wanted to see more info about the chambelanes i might have my quince on sep.7 2014 please email me @ [email protected]

  • Stephanie

    Hey my name is Stephanie and my 15 is gonna be on June 21,2014 and I’m looking for some chambelanes.. If you know anywhere where I can contact some, please contact me!!

    • Betsy mendoza

      Hi I want to be in your 15 I’m a girl I can be on of your dama I will come to practice and I live in kanas

  • Brenda

    Hi Im brenda! im In need of 4 chambelanes for my quinceanera! my event date is may 17,2014. Tall chambelanes would be great! i live in san jose ca and i would love to meet these wonderful boys! please contact me as soon as possible! thank you so much!

  • Miriam

    Hey y’all, my name is Miriam and I need 4 chambelanes for my quince in 4 months (April5,2013) please contact me as soon as possible, please and thank you.

  • Miriam Melendez

    Hi my name is Miriam and I need 5 chambelanes for my Quinceanera. It’s going to be in 3 and a half months, on Feb. 15 2013 in AZ. If anyone can please give me some info. on renting chambelanes, that would be great! Thanks a bunch:)

  • bridget

    hey my name is bridget im looking for 4 chambelaes that are good hip-hop dancers please contact me as soon as possibe 🙂

  • Samantha Garcia

    Hi my name is Samantha and I am have a 15 in September and im planning it all last minute and I need chambelanes please help me thank you

  • Mariana

    Hi hi hi, my name is Mary well thanks my nickname, anyways
    I’m lookin for 6 chambelanes !! I need help !!:) !!:) porfavor ayúdenme ^.^

  • zabrina hernandez

    Hi my name is Zabrina and I need 5 chambelanes by august 15

  • Fabi

    Hello I’m lokking for 5 chambelanes for my quince that will be on the month of Octuber in Virginia.

    hopefully you guys can help me out finding some kind of info for this area.

    thanks 😉

  • galilea

    hi my name galilea and i need 5 chambelanes for quince i may need a tall and ages 14-16 contact me back as soon as possible

    • galilea

      i need 5 chambelanes but juts an tall one

      • galilea

        just need
        a tall one

  • alexis garcia

    hi my name is Alexis and im looking for 1 chambelane by august 10 please contact me as soon as possible.

  • crystal flores

    and its going to be in upland,ca @ magnolia park

  • crystal flores

    Hi my name is crystal, i know my quinces aren’t until december 15th but i need 3 cute guys for my court because i have 5 girls already & 2 guys….please messgae me on my facebook (crystal flores: [email protected]) thx 🙂

    • arely olmos

      heyy so u got all girls already

  • Paula

    Hello my name is Paula and I’m going to have a quince for my 16th birthday since we had financial issues last year I’m looking for bout 8 chambelanes please reply back if u have any available thanks(:

    • Hi, Paula! If you’re in Southern California, We Can Help! ;D Call Us: (818) 554-7583

  • Michelle

    Hello my name is Michelle and I am having a wedding reception in Brooklyn NY and I need dancers to get the party going I have quite a few shy guest as well as single young ladies at the reception but no young men. Therefore these ladies will not be able to dance and the shy ones will stay seated. Not much fun 🙁 . The gentlemen should range between the ages of 19 -30 would be great so that they fit the crowd. Please let me know if you have something available.

  • Elizabeth Medina

    Hey i really need help i need 3 cute guys for my quince,my quince going to be May 4th in east palo alto. :c Please answer back asap! Or respond at [email protected]

  • hello my name is jasmine and i live here in the bronx and im having my quinces or sweet 16 im still not suree but is going 2 be on november 23 im going to havee 14 or 15 chambelanes and i have 7 chambelanes already im still asking my friends and cousins but im gunna need 3 moree cuties they better be tall ,cutee and whitee lindoo thank yyou !! reply backk pweese on facebook box me ;P facebook namee ( shortiiee neciaa )

  • Stephanie

    Hi, I’m looking for 5 chambelanes. I already have a choreographer, and my Quince is on April 13th, 2013. Please respond back ? I don’t have much time :/ -Stephanie

  • Iris Pacheco

    Hi My Name Is Iris (: My Quince Is July 6th Im Looking For 4-6 Chambelanes Please Contact Ne As Soon As posible(:
    Thank Youu..(:

  • Ana

    Hey my name is Ana and im looking for 4 chambelanes for my 18th birthday party, its going to be in august 10 please contact me back as soon as posible thank you!!:)

    • Hi, Ana! if you’re in Southern California, we can help!;D Call Us: (818) 554-7583

  • samantha

    hi my name is samantha im looking for 8 chambelanes ive been looking but so far no luck my 15 is in december and i need help can anyone help me out ill really apreciate that please write back

    • Hi, Samantha! If you’re in Southern California, We Can Help! ;D Call Us: (818) 554-7583

  • Maria

    My friend having Quncie April 20,2013 and i need to find a chambelane..Can you help???

  • Evelyn Aquino

    I need 3 or two more chambelanes pleaseeee they have to be handsome and can dance have to be white 🙂 please contact me by email. my sweet is this summer in august pleasee contact me as soon as possible thank you

  • yvette mendez

    were doing a quince in april,20 2013 please give me a call at (830) 421-2682

  • kredyt pod zastaw nieruchomo?ci

    Hi! Would you mind if I share your blog with my myspace group?
    There’s a lot of people that I think would really appreciate your content. Please let me know. Many thanks

  • Janet

    Ohh && i Stay In Oak Cliff (:

  • Janet

    Im looking for a cutee ass chambelan!
    I want him to bee white complected, with great smile, and knows how to danceee(:

    He Better Be CUTEEE! I dont do Ugliess(:

    Thank You!

  • Thannya

    Hi.my name is thannya and my little sister is having her kince on july 6 and she wants to have chambelanes. That would make her kince one of a kind we live in a small town called montrose co .so i would apreciate if u could email me back .thanx

  • claudia segura

    Hi im claudia. My friend is having a quincenera and she would likes to have some chambelanes. I told her i would try to find the coolest guys out there. We live in tupelo mississipii. & her quince is June 9 2013. 🙂 for more info comment back please. Thank you c:

  • claudia segura

    i promised a friend i would get her the cuttiest chambelanes for her for her birthday. Please helpme .

  • Hey i’m Natalie i need 7 chambelanes for my quincenera hopefully you’ll be intrested and replay:)

    Can’t wate for your responce:)

  • cindy

    hey im looking for 6 chambelanes i need them for my quincenera please reply as soon as possible

  • hi my quince is goin to be in july of 2013 i kno its early but i only have 4 chambelanes and i need 2 more… but i cnt find 2 so plz i need to guys to at least participate in my quince… ik it early but its better to have them in mind then not to have at all….. so plz contact me.

  • Karla

    Hello, i love to dance and would love an outstanding performance for my quinceanera in May 2013 ik its a bit early to ask but in a small town i live in theres no guys or dance groups i can find. please help me on finding amazing dance groups for my quinceanera around my local area. Contact me ASAP for help

  • Haidee

    Hii! I’m looking for six chambelanes. Can you please reply as soon as possible thanks!!! 🙂

  • vanessa

    Hey my name is vanessa and im looking for chambelanes gor my quinceanera and its going to be this 3rd of november please contact me back as soon as posible thank you