Lovely Gift Ideas for Your Quince Court

Quince Madrina

Recently many quinceañeras have picked up the thoughtful idea of getting gifts for their quince court.

Here are some ideas to surprise your quince court with, as a means of saying “thank you” for attending your quinceañera.

For the ladies…

For the ladies in your quince court, you can’t go wrong with a friendship bracelet or dainty birthstone necklace. A friendship-inspired piece with an arrow shaped pendant will serve as a reminder of your friendship. You can surprise your damas with this token of love prior to the church event for them to wear throughout the entire evening. Not only will your dazzling damas look nicely uniformed, but they’ll also have with them a token of your friendship close to their heart.

For the fellas’…

For the fellas’ in your court, you can also get them something that they can wear on the day of your Quinceanera. Personalized tie clips or some sunglasses they can wear the day of.  Have some fun with your fellas’ and use your sense of humor to choose a gift that will have them smiling all day long!

For both…

If you want to spare yourself the heartache of choosing separate gifts for both your damas and your chambelanes, consider a unisex gift. Maybe personalize a custom hat, duffle bag, or even a pop-socket for your quince court.  Add a little touch they will always remember plus, these gifts will be of great use!

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