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Pick These Instead of the Typical Last Doll

Grecia Hernandez

Having a Quinceanera last doll is a very important tradition but we can agree that most of these figures are not exactly the cutest.

If your parents or padrinos keep on encouraging you to have one and you can’t find a way to say “Thank you, but no thank you”, these alternatives might be the answer to your prayers.

Kiss that scary last doll good-bye and opt for one of these instead:


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A Barbie Doll

There are plenty of ideas with this one! You can purchase a bride Barbie, get a regular one and dress her just like you or, buy a Barbie doll showcasing one of your hobbies, like soccer or music. You will spend anywhere from $20 to $40.


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An American Girl Doll

A Quinceanera trend highly popular nowadays. Of course! They’re gorgeous and too close to being real. Only downside is they are $115 each; which means that dressing her up to look like you will be an extra cost…


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A Cabbage Patch Doll/Your actual last doll

These range from $15 to $30 and are quirky and cute. They’re tiny too so creating a similar dress for this last doll won’t be as expensive. Also, ask your mom if she still the last doll you last played with somewhere in a box. It will save you money and it will add a unique sentimental value to the tradition and the celebration in general.

Other last doll funny and cute options…


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A cute Tracey troll!


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Elegant Minnie Mouse commemorating Disneyland’s Diamond Anniversary!

After all, the last doll is truly all about symbolism, plus, you will most likely end up gifting your last doll to your little sister or cousin.


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