Modern Options for the Last Doll Quinceañera Tradition

Grecia Hernandez

Playing with dolls is a stage of childhood most little girls go through, and this stage is honored in one of the most important details of a Quinceañera party.

If your parents or padrinos are encouraging you to take part in receiving a last doll to keep up with the last doll quinceanera tradition, these alternatives might be the answer to your prayers.

Here are some last doll options for your Quinceañera party:

A Barbie Doll

Scientist-Barbie-in-a-white-lab-coatBarbie is a classic doll brand that has been getting a modern makeover. The brand now carries more diverse forms of Barbies, including Barbies with disabilities, dolls with wide-ranging career choices and more.

You can have your padrinos gift you a Barbie showcasing one of your hobbies, such as soccer or music. Or you can also purchase a Barbie and custom make a dress that is similar to your own Quinceanera dress!

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An American Girl Doll

Josefina-American-Girl-Doll-in-white-shirt-red-skirtWhich American Girl are you? Whether you’re more of Josefina or Molly, you can be part of this last doll quinceanera tradition and as an additional gift, request one of the boxed book sets that accompanies the doll.

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A Cabbage Patch Doll

Cabbage-Patch-Doll-in-a-purple-dress-with-a-wand-brunette-doll-blue-eyesChoosing a Cabbage Patch doll as your last doll is as quirky as it is cute. Cabbage Patch dolls are tiny enough for you to create a similar dress to your own Quinceanera dress, without it being too expensive.

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Tracey Troll Doll


Remember Troll dolls with their funky hair and buggy eyes? If you liked playing with these little muchkins more than with a traditional doll, then a Troll doll could be a unique choice for this tradition.

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Minnie Mouse Doll



Do you love all things Disney? Then this elegant Minnie Mouse doll in a classically cute pink outfit is a great last doll choice.

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If you want to add an even more sentimental aspect to the last doll Quinceañera tradition, ask your mom if she still has the lost doll you played with or the box it came in. After all, the last doll is truly all about symbolism, plus, you will most likely end up gifting your last doll to your little sister or cousin.

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