Planning for your Quinceañera with a Year Left to Go

Jackie Mejia

Planning for your Quinceañera is an exciting and enormous task. But don’t worry, our Quinceanera.com planner can help your figure out what you need in planning a year up to 6 months out for your Quince!

12 Months Out from Your Quinceañera:

  1. Download our Quinceanera.com App

We currently have 150k downloads and counting for our Quinceanera.com app. This app can be used to find vendors near your Quince venue, ideas for party themes, article for planning your dream Quince party, and more!

  1. Set Up a Budget

One of the most important steps before even thinking of visiting a venue or looking at the color of your Quince dress is setting a budget. Figure out the average price of the things that are most important and essential for you to have at your party, and set a budget you and your family can afford. Don’t be afraid to try and negotiate prices with vendors.

  1. Book Your Venue

Once you’ve set your budget, it’s time for the fun part! Star looking at booking your venue at least a year out. Ask your venue if they have special packages for Quinceañeras, or see if having your party on a Friday night or a Sunday night is an option for your family and friends—it can save you a couple of hundred dollars.

10 Months Out from Your Quinceañera:

  1. Pick a Theme or Colors

Will your Quince theme color be your favorite color or a color that is meaningful to you? Choose wisely!

  1. Attend an XV Expo

Head over to one of our expos across Las Vegas, Southern, and Central California to get inspiration for your Quince party! Here’s a calendar of our 2020 expos.

  1. Research Vendors

If you’ve already booked your venue, you can ask for a preferred vendor list. This list gives you the names of vendors who are familiar with the venue. Also, do your homework and look at Yelp and other reviews on social media.

8 Months Out from Your Quinceañera:

  1. Decide if You Want an XV Court

Will you have all of your cousins on your court? Will you have only chambelanes? Who will your damas be? With a little over a half year to go until your Quince, it’s time to start asking your court’s parents for permission.

  1. Choose Vendors

You’ve done your homework, now it’s time to choose your vendors that create work you’re happy with and a price you can afford.

  1. Draft Your Guest List

Start making a list of your primos, best friends, abuelos, and more.

6 Months Out from Your Quinceañera:

  1. Send Save the Dates

You can make some easy and affordable save the date cards online or take a cute photo and send it to all your contacts.

  1. Select Your Dress

One of the most fun Quince preparations—choosing your dress! Check out Quince dress vendors on our Quince app, at our expos, or search our website for Quince dress ideas!

  1. Purchase Accessories

Now that you’ve selected your dream Quince dress, it’s time to start looking for accessories including which tiara, shoes, and jewelry you’d like to wear with your dress.


Make sure you check out our app for more help with planning!

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