Questions to ask when booking your Quince mass

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The most spiritually important aspect of a Quinceañera ceremony can go sour rather quickly if you don’t inform yourself of the guidelines that a potential church has in ordinance.


Aside from asking if the church is available on your desired date, a few other ceremony specifics are: do you need to take a Quinceañera preparatory class? and, can you have a live mariachi?, since most parishes allow only the church choir to sing during their ceremonies.

When it comes to the mass itself, it is common for parishes to require that you be a member of that church and that you take preparatory classes similar to first communion courses, in order for them to host your mass. Clarify this with your church representative and ask if any fees are applicable for the mass. Also, verify if it will be a private one or a mass shared with other Quinceañeras, and if there are any restrictions regarding ceremony attire, such as bare shoulders. If you wish, you may also ask if the wording of the ceremony can be changed at all and if you will be allowed to take pictures on the church grounds and with the priest.

Most parishes also have strict restrictions for photographers and videographers. Ask about these and about the rules regarding decorations such as the amount of time that is allowed for set up and break down, and if confetti, rose petals or bubbles are allowed.

If you’re also looking for a venue, you may want to ask if the parish offers a facility for a reception as well. Most churches will offer their banquet hall at a fraction of a regular venue cost if you have your mass at their church as well.

You may also want to consider the availability of rooms for the Quinceañera to dress and about accommodations for wheelchairs. App

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