Why the Quince Waltz Still Matters

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There are many ways to celebrate a Quince waltz in front of your friends and family.

The Quinceañera waltz is one of the most endearing traditions for a Quinceanera. It is a chance for you to express to your guests who are some of the most important people in your life. Whether you are dancing the waltz surrounded by your court of honor, your father for the father-daughter dance, or one of your parental figures, such as your uncle or an older cousin.

The waltz is a coming-of-age tradition that showcases the refinement and grace girls are now expected to display in their everyday life as a young woman. Traditionally in Mexico, a young girl could not dance in public aside from school functions or family parties, and the waltz during the Quince party was seen as the first time she could publicly dance in front of her friends!

You can choose typical and renowned waltzes or you can add a modern twist by dancing to a slow and moving contemporary song, it is your decision.

The waltz has been a century-long tradition that keeps evolving with time.

The waltz has been a century-long tradition that keeps evolving with time.

One of the most important aspects to keep in mind when choosing which song to use for your waltz is to have an emotional connection to the music. Make sure the song has some type of meaning to you!

Next, choose the people you would like to dance alongside you on one of the most important days of your life. We’re not just talking about your Quinceanera court, but your guests who are chosen to dance with you will be honored you have bestowed this special memory onto them.

And most of all, make sure to enjoy the moment Quince Girl! After months of practicing, your Quince waltz will flash by in the matter of two or three minutes, depending on the length of the song.

Enjoy the moment!

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