Quinceanera Father-Daughter Dances That’ll Make You Cry

Quince Madrina

The Quinceanera father-daughter dance is one of the most emotional parts of a traditional Quince celebration.

It symbolizes the birthday girl’s first dance with her father as a young woman.

In the case where the father is not available, an older male can served as a father-like figure usually shares this moment with the Quinceanera.


During the Quinceanera waltz, the father takes the time to express words of encouragement to his daughter as she takes her first steps into womanhood. Following the dance, the chambelan then approaches the father while on the dance floor and asks for permission to dance with the celebrated.

Take a look at some of our favorite father-daughter dances from these lovely Quinceaneras. 

Dancing to “No Crezcas Mas” by Javier Olvera.

It’s hard not crying when the people you most love can’t be a part of such huge celebration…

From sweet lullaby to ‘My 64’ by Mike Jones? Dad has the moves!

Imagine having your family serenade to you…


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