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Quinceañera As these fellow quinceañeras can testify, in life, in  general and even on the day of your quinceañera, an  accident may simply be inevitable. So regardless of  how much you plan and aspire for a flawless  celebration, the chance of a mistake here or there is  always up in the air. A slip on the dance floor, a mistake  in your routine or a spilled glass of wine may be enough to send your temper flying through the roof. But after checking out these quinceañera videos courtesy of YouTube uploads, you’ll cross your fingers that a less than perfect Dancing with the Stars routine is all the mayhem that goes down in your quince fiesta!

The flying quinceañeraThe flying quinceañera

This quinceañera took a dive for the worst! Dancing away to Whitney Houston’s “I will Always love you”, this birthday girl is carried by her chamberlain in an attempt to create a flying- effect. This video clearly shows that no quinceañera should attempt to fly or be carried away by any of her chamberlains. Although the video appears a bit granny, you should still take this as a no-no when your choreographer suggests you end your waltz with a bang. Let him/her know that you’re all for dramatic endings but that falling smack on your face, and having YouTube videos to prove it, are far from your idea of happy memories!

Video upload courtesy of: ALTANVI

Quinceañera caliente!Quinceañera muy caliente
In this hot and heavy quinceañera gone bad video, the editing is just as outrageous as the incident itself. If you’re thinking of wow-ing your guests by performing some type of pyro technic-flame indused gimmick, you may want to rethink your stunt routine after you check this video out. What begins as a quinceañera’s solo dance quickly aprupts into a blazing inferno when what appears as a bug (or a missile launched from a guest in my opinion) accidentally tips one of the glasses over and causes them to spill all over the birthday girl’s gown-fire and all! Luckily, after the quinceañera is tossed, flipped and smacked in her attendee’s efforts to flock the fire away, the quinceañera appears to be, for the most, part physically unharmed.

Video upload courtesy of: Unfacced

Up, over and underUp, over and under
Note to future quinceañera’s: if your surprise dance consists of you being flipped and tossed around in mid-air like a rag doll, perhaps you should reconsider. This is a lesson that our dear banda dancing queen learned the hard way when her dance partner accidentally drops her from his shoulders and sends her skidding down the dance floor in a head-on drop. Later into the video you’ll see that this quinceañera is apparently unforgiving as she pushes her dance partner’s apologies away and storms off the dance floor like a raging bull. If her video-grapher edited her collision with the floor and her tempered get-away out of the final quince video, you can thank her honored attendee that captured this moment and published it for you and the entire world to see.
Video upload courtesy of: aNgieLoVe22

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