Religious Catholic Must-Haves for Your XV Ceremony   

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Here are some Catholic must-have items a Quinceanera should have on her special day.

Although this coming-of-age celebration is mainly celebrated by a variety of Hispanic families, a Quinceanera can be celebrated by any young woman on her fifteenth birthday. Quinceanera’s highlight the importance of family and the young woman’s life into “womanhood”. A Quince can be both a religious and social event. A traditional Catholic XV has a mass known as “The Blessing of the Quince Años” which takes place in a Catholic church with a social reception to follow.     

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     1. Tiara or Crown    

          The tiara or crown that a Quinceanera wears on her head the day of her quince represents how God sees her. The crown symbolizes and makes a statement that she is a princess, God’s daughter because he is king.     

     2. Two bouquets   

           A Quinceanera must bring two bouquets on the day of her Quince. One natural and one artificial, the natural one is to be offered to the Virgin Mary and the artificial one is kept by the Quinceanera as a memory unless she prefers a natural bouquet instead.

      3. Bible and Rosary

           The Bible and rosary both represent the Quinceanera’s faith with the Catholic church. Typically, these religious items can be blessed by the priest with holy water.   

      4.  A Ring or Necklace   

            The Ring and/or necklace which the Quinceanera wears on the day of her Quince symbolizes God’s unconditional love for her.   

All of these items are a must-have in a traditional Catholic Quinceanera.

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