What Does Turning 15 Really Mean?

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Turning 15 is a time of big changes. It may sound nerve wrecking, but you ‘re not alone!

Since I can remember, turning 15 marked the day I would somehow get to do everything I’ve been dreaming of. It was the day that I was going to be able to wear lipstick, paint my nails, make my own decisions (small ones of course) and even have a boyfriend! My 15th birthday meant I was a woman. The reason behind it was never really discussed, just like you wouldn’t discuss a magic trick. Makes sense but then again, not so much…

So what does it really mean when you turn 15?

First, just a quick history recap of the meaning of a quinceanera. This celebration is dated back to the Mayans and Aztecs. Turning 15 marked the transition into womanhood: the start of menstruation, the need of training for marriage, childbearing and responsibilities within society. The quinceanera would be sent away to school for proper training and a celebration awaited her return. It’s starting to make a lot more sense now, right?

Catholic Church

The Catholic Church emphasizes the importance of attending mass on your big day.

But what does the church say about turning 15?

Well, the mass is a result of the conquest in Latin America. Let’s remember that the Spaniards converted the indigenous to Catholicism. The current structure of a quinceanera is like a marriage of the two cultures.

Now the history is out of the way, what makes turning 15 so special?

It marks you becoming a woman and is the celebration of you entering society. You get to be a princess for one day, wear a fabulous Quince dress and dance the night away!  On the other hand, much like our ancestors, you are entering a time of change. Very soon you will be able to legally drive, work and even have a child so we must keep in mind the responsibilities of growing up. Not only are you gaining liberty but you will also be faced with new experiences, feelings, emotions and much more. Excited? You should be! Knowing right from wrong will be key in helping you make the right decisions. Your parents will be counting on this. Just remember everything they’ve taught you and it will all be okay.

Quinceanera enjoying her celebration, turning 15

You deserve to celebrate this exciting transition and feel like a princess for a day!

Go and enjoy your Quince and don’t forget the reason for the celebration.

Happy Planning!



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