Would You Rather? Chambelan Edition

Jocelyn Pasillas

We’re back at it again with another edition of “Would you rather?”, now coming after chambelanes!

Your chambelanes have two phases during a Quince, they can either be your worst nightmare (apart from your mom) or can take the role of your “big brother”.

We all know which one we prefer, since another thing we need to put up with while planning your quince is another headache.

Chambelanes can drive us crazy so these following scenarios are just some of the many situations they can put us through, turning us into a total quinzilla.

Certainly, not all the scenarios can be their fault but there’s always a “worst case scenario” … let’s just hope they’re not a handful. LOL

Now choose wisely, enjoy and don’t stress out too much, these are all imaginary situations… or are they?

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