Your Dama Said What? Oh No She Didn’t!

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Your family may be dealing with the drama of paying the bill of your quinceañera, but you too have some big fish to fry! There’s drama going on in your quince court and you’re a second away from calling off the whole shindig. But before you recall your invites and request a return on your quince gown, gather help and inspiration from these dama drama situations that will hopefully fix the mayhem of your dama drama before the craziness spills out onto the dance floor!

Your dama has a case of the chisme runs! Quinceañera Tips Gossip is flying at you left and right and you have no idea where it’s coming from! But within time you realize that the source of all the rumors is none other than one of your very own damas! Before things get out of hand, set your dama aside and confront her about the rumors. If she admits to them and seems honestly apologetic, you may want to consider forgiving her-sometimes it takes a bigger person to do the forgiving. But if your dama denies the accusations even after you’ve shown her proof of her doings, then cross your fingers and hope that you find a replacement in time for your fiesta.

Quinceañera TipsBefriending the enemy:
You just saw one of your damas chat it up with someone that you’re not too fond of. You’re flipping out at the thought of having them share clothes and accessories the way that you and your dama do but what can you do? Well, if your dama is a good friend to you she just may be as good of a friend to the other person as well. Simply because you and the other person don’t get along doesn’t mean that your dama can’t get along with both of you. So long as your dama respects you and the other party, all should be well and you should have no reason to flip out over her social behavior.

Quinceañera TipsThe Dilemma: Googly eyes
You wish you’d heard it through the grape vine because at least that way 50% of you would be questioning whether or not it’s true. But you yourself witnessed the moment that one of your damas was batting her lashes and flipping her hair towards YOUR chambelan! The nerve. So what to do in this moment of crisis? Begin by taking a breather and observe the situation instead of immediately reacting to it. If your chambelan is returning the flirtation, then let it be and move on. The last thing you need to worry about is guy drama, you’ve got more drama than you’d like to handle as it is. But if your chambelan ignores her motives and focuses his attention on you, then perhaps a friendly chat with your dama is all she needs to put her morals back in check. Let her know that you saw her flirting with your crush and that you’re not having that now… or ever. If your dama goes postal on you, then you’re better off not having her in your court altogether.

Do you have some dama drama going on? Share it with us on the Quinceanera blog! You never know, another quince girl such as yourself may have the solution you’ve been looking for! Blog away!

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