5 Crazy Ways to Arrive to your XV Party

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Looking for a way to really impress the guests at your upcoming quinceanera celebration? Use one of these super cool ideas to make sure all eyes are on you when you arrive in style to your quince bash!


  1. Exotic Stretch Limo

c5801296fd65ef61ada5b853258975e8Why arrive at your party in a plain limousine if you can arrive in an extravagant custom stretch limo? There are all kinds of neat limos available these days including brightly colored ones, ones that are extra large and even ones that are more like party buses. Since you’ll have plenty of room, invite your entire quince court to ride with you. If you just want the girls to ride with you, you can always book a separate limo just for the boys.

  1. Carruaje tirado por caballos


Surprise your guests when you arrive in a horse drawn carriage Cinderella style! Research and contact some of the horse carriage companies near you to compare price quotes.

  1. Caballo


Another great way to amaze your party guests is by arriving on horseback while wearing your gorgeous gown. If you’ve never ridden a horse before, make sure you at least take a few lessons before your big day arrives in order to avoid a huge embarrassment.

  1. Como Reina


You’ll feel like a queen sitting pretty as you look over your whole party by being carried in. If you want to arrive this way, gather up a few of your strongest guy friends and have them carry you on a platform or perhaps on their shoulders. Remember that you’ll want to practice your entrance a number of times before the day of your quince.

  1. Vintage Car


One more awesome way to arrive to your XV party is in a vintage car. There are many companies that rent out classic cars by the hour for special occasions. Look up the ones in your area, then contact them for pricing and details.



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