5 Questions to avoid a limo ride nightmare!

Eva Melgarejo

How excited are you when you think of your limo ride?  Your heart starts beating faster and palms start to sweat and you just can’t wait for your quince day to arrive?

Yup, we know the feeling!

And how could you not be excited, after all its a liiiiiimmmmmoooo! Lets be honest, when would you ride a limo again?  maybe for prom or a mega occasion so this is your first chance to experience luxury!

So go full out and remember that as fun as this is safety is always a priority.


Knowing which questions to ask will avoid problems on your big day!

Here are five questions you need to ask to make sure you and your BFFs are safe and have a killer time:

1. Are they insured?

The company you decide to trust your amazing XV day with should you and your party covered!

With the exception of holders of a Class C charter-party carrier certificate, the following minimum liability insurance requirements apply (based on vehicle seating capacity, not including the driver):

  • 7 passengers or less . . . . . . . $750,000
  • 8 through 15 passengers . . .$1,500,000
  • 16 passengers or more . . . . $5,000,000

The last thing you want is for bad luck to strike and your limo company to not be able to take care of medical bills.

2. Are they a registered company?

They should have a TCP number on a sticker displayed on the rear bumper.  Get the number and check that it’s real! Go to the California Public Utilities Commission website HERE!

The TCP number means that the limo was inspected and approved by a CHP.

3. Do they own their limos?

You don’t want to deal with a broker who all they do is take your money and send your contract to a company who has never met you!

4. Are the drivers licensed?

This is a huge one! Just as important as the rest of the questions…Make sure you know who will be the driver picking you up and although you cant request a copy of the license the questioning will make them think twice of providing you with false information.

5. Can they provide you with proof?

For the most part, if the company is not following the law they will not want to deal with you.  If they say yes to all the questions above ask them to email you the documents don’t just take their word.

Have a flawless Quince and don’t let any of these questions unanswered.

It’s always better to be safe than sorry!

Special thanks to our friend Angel Lagunes from Liv It Up Party Bus  for all the tips 🙂

Happy Quince Planning,

Eva Melgarejo

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