5 Tips to Make your Quinceanera Transportation a Breeze

Grecia Hernandez

Sorry to break it to you but there is no perfect Quinceanera planning. Celebrations are best friends with unexpected situations which is why you must consider all scenarios and work to solve them even before they become issues.

The next 5 tips will help you to improve your Quinceanera Transportation possible issues:

5) Send maps and address to out-of-towners

When sending out your “Save the Date” cards, include the location for out-of-town guests.  They might want to book a hotel nearby your venue with possible shuttle service to avoid parking nightmares.

4) If you’re using a rental, book way in advance

December and January are top season due to the holidays, February for Valentines and May for graduation. Booking in advance might guarantee you a better deal.

3) Plan how your family will leave to your party prior to your fiesta

Who will drive you? Who will go with you in the car? How will you be returning home? Are any of your out-of-town guests leaving with you too?

2) Suggests carpooling to your guests

Don’t be embarrassed to ask those who live close by to consider carpooling. It will save them the hassle of finding a parking spot.

1) Monitor traffic 5 days before

What if out of nowhere the city decides to close the freeway or if there is a street block due to a community event. Look out for these and let your guests know beforehand so they can plan ahead.

Hope these helped!

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