Ideas to decorate your limousine

Gabriela Alvarado

Pompons, paper flowers and transparent labels for your windows are only a few options to decorate your limousine.


Decorating a limo can be a fun and a wonderful way of displaying a fancy transportation with your personal touch, especially on such a special day. Although the necessary steps in order to decorate a limousine are too simple, you must plan ahead of time to avoid missing important details. Therefore before attempting to do so, it is recommended to choose and arrange the appropriate material whether you do your purchases online or at your local store.

Decorative transparent labels are an option for windows and the car itself. Vinyl labels look great and offer a great variety to choose from, however they are to be used one time only and tend to be unwieldy to remove. A better choice would be reusable labels.

Pompons can do the trick as well to decorate your limousine. Depending on the weather and season you can choose paper or plastic. They can even be the same colors as your court’s dresses for a more original approach.

You can decorate the limousine with colored pompons and the interior by placing colored napkins inside plastic cups for your court to enjoy on the way to the hall.

If you wish to do it yourself instead of paying, the easiest way is to cut the napkin in three pieces making it look like a flower. Secure it with tape next onto the limo and you’re done.

Another option is to use the same fabric as the Quinceanera’s dress. Zebra animal print is in trend, it can be used as your theme and to decorate your limo.

Lastly, you can also get special markers for Windows, they’re perfect to draw and write personalized messages. There is no limit with your imagination, you can think of anything you want and make your Quinceanera transportation as cool as can be.

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