Different Limousines for Your Special Day

Silvia Alegria

Limousines Volkswagen, Infiniti, Audi, or Hummer: almost every  brand offers large capacity vehicles so you can have  the best time at your Quince.

Finding a limousine is very easy in a country like the United States. The hard part is finding the right model. Whether you want to be different or wish to have a grand Quince celebration, here we describe a few original limo styles. There are all kinds of models for any brand you can think of, even the luxurious ones such as Ferrari or Lamborghini.

limo, quince ride, beetle, limousineWe will begin with the German Volkswagen Beetle, a model commonly seen on the streets but not so much as a limousine. It can be the ideal choice for many due to its cute and fun look, which resembles a hot dog based on the 1999 model, a two-liter GLS, and room for 5 or 6 people in the back. It also includes a minibar for the passengers, CD player, and a small television.

If you’re looking for something more powerful, the Audi Q7 is now available as a limousine. This “monstrous” limo contains all the German brand’s features, but in a largely extended version. Seating up to 12 passengers, this model has lambo doors (just like in the movies!), a small dance floor, and even a tank for snakes and reptiles, for those who like exotic animals.

limo, quince rides, audi q7, audi, limousinesGoing on with the luxury brands, there are those who would die to ride in a classic Corvette limo, a sports model from Chevrolet that has left its mark in American culture. The limousine model is an extended version, low on the ground, and unchanged when it comes to the front and rear end design. Inside it has everything from a powerful sound system to a psychedelic decoration.

For the classic all-terrain lovers, there is the Range Rover limo, a true party-on-wheels with several seat rows, TV screens on every side, and lots of space.

Reign of the Giants
Another important giant in the all-terrain category modified for fun and partying is the Infiniti QX56. This is one of the most recommended models if you want to fit a large group of people and party like a rock star. If the original model is very spacious per se, now imagine the Japanese 4×4 as a luxurious limousine, with seats for 22 people and equipped with neon lights, a dance floor, an Xbox 360, DVD and CD player, and everything you need to entertain yourself during the trip.

Infiniti also has the FX35, a luxurious crossover that remains stylish even as a limousine, with two seat rows surrounding the main cabin, TV screens, bar, and every other extravagance.

limos, hummer, quince ridesHowever, if you want to take things to the extreme, then the Hummer is the right choice out there. More than a limo, it’s like a bus that comfortably seats 24 people and has an outlandish decoration fit for having fun. The Hummer limo has basically the same engine and features but is 38 feet long and has an extended roof so passengers can enjoy all the knickknacks.

You can also choose to seat fewer passengers in exchange for a Jacuzzi for a more private trip, an alternative made possible in these giant vehicles.

There are hundreds of options to make an entrance the day of your Quince. It all depends on whatever model adjusts to your style and budget so you can ride in a limo like a V.I.P., even if it’s just for one day.

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