Convertible quinceanera transportation

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Quinceañera transportation

The best way to arrive at your party.

If your party is in the afternoon, you have the advantage of making the best out of longer days and hot summers by choosing convertible vehicles ad your means of Quinceañera transportation. There are car companies with all styles of limos for rent, as well as car collector’s who have convertibles available for celebrations such as your Quince. Here are some suggestions as far as the transportation for the Quinceañera is concerned, and things to consider before your ride with the wind in a topless car or limo.


From Barbie’s to Batman’s car, to a restored low rider or that of Agent 007, there are various styles of cars that can go with the theme of your Quince. One thing to take into account is the capacity of the vehicle, especially because these sports cars are usually a little uncomfortable to accommodate long dresses.


When choosing a car or rental company, not only should you see the model or the quality of vehicles, you should also take into account the reputation of the company. Research if the company provides a reliable service and feel free to ask for referrals. Remember that you get what you pay for.

Quinceañera transportation


If you have the opportunity of borrowing a convertible car from a friend or family member, you may be quick to say, yes! But even though they may have offered the car for the day as a gift for your fifteen, will they be on time for your party? and will your relationship be ruined if something happened to the car?


You can choose a convertible car, limo or Hummer. The upside of renting a Hummer limo is that you have more space to move around inside. A convertible limo is classic and comfortable and a convertible car may limit you because you don’t have as much free space as you would with a Hummer or limo.

Nonetheless, whatever your choice is, do not forget that you will be riding with the top of the car down and will therefore be exposed to wind, especially if you will be driving on the highway and not just on the street. Strong winds can ruin your hair and false lashes, so you must tell your hair stylist and makeup artist that you will be riding in a convertible, This way, they’ll know to secure your hair and lashes as much as possible. Also, ask them for touch up tips that you can do your self before exiting your limo and stepping into your grand ballroom.

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