Pimp your Ride Quince Style

Grecia Hernandez

Girls always want to make an entrance, especially on the day of their quinceanera!

Your venue is booked, your dress is ready, all you’re missing is  transportation.

Maybe you were considering renting a classic ride or if you’re celebrating your sweet sixteen perhaps you expected a brand new car as a birthday present. However, sometimes money can be issue we must find a solution for.

If renting a classic car is definitely out of your budget, you can always choose your parents’ ride.

Here are three ways to pimp your ride Quince style:

Detail it!

Cleaning your car inside and out should be the first way to go about pimping it. Taking it to a car wash will not be enough. Go the extra mile and have it detailed to perfection: clean the floor mats, sleek the rims, flash those headlights and polish up for some shiny seats. If you don’t want to hire a professional do your research before applying any chemicals to your car. You’ll have a polished million-dollar-looking car afterwards, guaranteed!

Accessorize it!

Once your car looks brand new you could incorporate your Quinceanera theme into the pimping. Keep it classy, if there is no need to add anything, leave it as it is. If you think adding a couple fish will enhance your Under the Sea Quinceanera do so with chalk water-based markers! Flowers, Christmas lights, ribbons and lace are also great accessories.

Pimp your Ride Quince Style

Spice it up!

What better way to set the mood for a super fun Quince than with music? Listening to your favorite artist’s songs sure sound like fun sounds like fun – so create a super cool playlist! Since you will be cruising from your house to your photo shoot, from there to the church and lastly to your party, choose songs that will allow you to express your gratitude to those riding with you: your court, your padrinos and most importantly your parents.

Don’t let financial restraints keep you from having a blast, pimp your ride Quince style and make a super stylish and fabulous entrance!

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