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Pimp Your Ride: Choose the Limo of Your Dreams

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Just like the dress, cake, court of honor, and waltz dance, the transportation on the day of your quinceañera is very important.

Today, limousines have become the latest trend, which is why there are many options according to your budget. Before choosing your limo, keep in mind that prices vary depending on size, time of year, day of the week, and amount of hours you plan on renting it.

The following are descriptions of the popular models that can help you choose which limo fits your style.

Classic and Elegant
If you’re having a traditional quinceañera, then your choices are the Lincoln, Cadillac, and Chrysler 300 models.

The Lincoln limousine is the classic model you normally see on the streets due to its excellent quality. They can transport 6 to 14 passengers.

The Cadillac Limousine can carry 6 to 12 passengers, has a sound system, and some even have a sunroof.

The Chrysler 300 is equipped with plasma TVs, neon and disco lights. They can carry 6, 10, or 12 passengers.

Travel in Style
If you have a large court of honor or you want your friends and godparents to travel with you on the limo, then the ideal model is the Hummer L2.

The Hummer H2 can transport up to 24 passengers, has leather seats, plasma TVs, DVD and CD player, even a VIP lounge… everything to make you feel as if you were in a club… a stylish one, of course.

Ride like a Superstar
If you want to travel the glamorous way and enjoy your day from start to end, then the 2009 Escalade Lasanti limousine will make you feel like a superstar. As a matter of fact, many celebrities prefer this limousine.

The 2009 Escalade Lasanti has a 42” LCD screen, iPod connection, CD player, a 3,000 watt sound system, leather seats, VIP section, 20” chromed rims, and fiber optic lighting. It can carry up to 24 passengers.

limoPretty in Pink
To turn your celebration into a true fairytale, you can rent the classic Cinderella carriage or a fabulous pink limousine.

The pink limousine is a Hummer H2 and includes most of the features as the Hummer H2 limo. However, the pink limousine has a few extra lights and some even have a fish tank.

Finally, for a personal tough, don’t forget to decorate the limousine’s exterior with lace, flowers, or balloons that match your quinceañera’s theme.

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