Quinceanera Transportation 101: What To Choose

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Just like getting the perfect Quinceanera dress and picking a theme for your party, another important decision to make for your celebration is to choose the vehicle to transport you from point A to point B. 

And of course, this decision, like the rest, depends on your budget, style and Quinceanera theme. 

The most popular Quinceanera transportation vehicles are: 

This vehicle is extremely important as it will be your method of transportation from your house to the church, photo site and lastly venue. It is up to you to decide who rides with you: your parents, your court or both.

These vehicles packages usually includes:

  • 4 hours of service
  • A mini-bar with fruits and sodas
  • TV, DVD, music player and speakers
  • LED Lights

A less expensive alternative is to ask someone in your family who has a nice car as it is accustomed to take pictures of the Quinceanera coming out of it.

Vehicle Decoration

If you need to decorate the vehicle yourself, use balloons, flowers, and ribbons that match the color of your dress. Convertible autos are a good option as they don’t require a lot of decorations, especially if you choose a bright color.

Transportation Rental Fees

Calculate the exact number of hours you are going to need the vehicle before making the contract. Remember that exceeding the amount of time on the contract means extra money—which averages around $80 per additional hour.

This price average is usually the case for limousine rentals; for a classic car or a convertible, the price is a bit lower.

Another breathtaking Quinceanera transportation is a classic Cinderella-style carriage; it may be used when the distance between church ceremony and reception is short, or just as display for pictures.


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